Couples/Unhealthy relationships

In any relationship (familial, romantic, friendship, etc) there are times where partners may experience issues pertaining to communication breakdowns, conflict, feelings of frustration and resentment. Maybe there is a life transition, such as parenthood, retirement, health scares, marriage or empty nest, that is causing a strain on the relationship, and making it difficult for the couple to navigate the new roles and responsibilities. Or in some cases affairs, or another betrayal of trust has eroded the relationship.

Often, we can repair these ruptures in relating and connecting with one another on our own. However, some couples may have a different experience and find themselves stuck in repetitive patterns of conflict or unable to resolve disagreements. Some couples seek therapy as a proactive measure to strengthen their relationship and address minor issues before they escalate into more significant problems. Couples therapy can provide tools and strategies for enhancing communication, resolving conflicts, and deepening connection. Additionally, therapy provides an opportunity for guidance from a neutral, non-judgmental professional on healthier ways to manage conflicts, develop emotional intimacy, and heal ruptures with insight and love.

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