Client's Testnomials

I feel so incredibly lucky to begin my healing journey with Dr. Pearson. I struggle with vulnerability and Dr. Pearson has a unique way of encouraging me to open up without being overbearing. I never felt so seen and heard! She is super affirming, but also does not shy away from offering me the truth in the most gentle of ways. I’ve had so much growth in the past two years and I attribute that to our work together. Healing is a process, and I feel so honored to do so with her by my side.

john joe A.

The racial trauma we carry seeps into every aspect of our lives. The workplace is one of them. And Dr. Pearson’s training session was the very first time I had the vocabulary to explain my lived experience as a Black person in corporate america. From exploring imposter syndrome to defining microaggressions, I walked away with a clearer sense of what I was feeling and how to overcome it. This should be required training for every organization. Truly eye-opening

Tony Edwards

I found Dr. Natalye at a time when I was experiencing deep distress while navigating an unhealthy work environment and unfulfilling relationships. Through her guidance, I not gained a deeper understanding of myself and my needs, I was empowered to actively shift my circumstances. What I appreciate most about Dr. Natalye is that she integrated mental, emotional, and spiritual support in her sessions, creating a deeply healing environment for me to let go of trauma and limiting belief

Dareel Mean

“Having known Dr. Natalye Pearson personally and professionally for over 30 years, I can attest to her commitment and passion for supporting her clients through mental health struggles, from anxiety and depression to trauma, PTSD, and beyond. She is highly skillful in partner with and navigating the path to healing with her clients. Dr. Pearson is approachable, sensitive, and highly knowledgeable. I appreciate her ability to personalize her care for each individual, given the breadth

Therese Myers

 Our work together will help you develop valuable internal resources and attune to your own inner guidance to empower you on your journey toward mental wellness.

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